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Type/Expiration     Coupons/Promotions
Coupons.com $15.00 Off
on ONE (1) Nicorette product 72ct or larger, Nicorette Coated Ice Mint Lozenge 80ct, or NicoDerm 14ct or larger

$7.00 Off
on any TWO (2) FLORASTOR Products

$6.00 Off
On Any ONE (1) SYSTANE Lubricant Eye Drops (Twin Pack, Excludes Pocket Pack)

$5.00 Off
any ONE (1) Move Free Ultra Product

$4.00 Off
ONE (1) Centrum (60 ct. or larger)
on any ONE (1) Children's Allegra product
on any ONE (1) bag of BLUE dog or cat dry food

$3.00 Off
ONE (1) Eucerin Body or Baby Product
on ONE (1) vitafusion or L'il Critters Product (90ct to 204ct)
On Any ONE (1) SYSTANE Lubricant Eye Drops (10mL or Larger OR 2 x 4mL Pocket Pack)

$2.50 Off
on ONE (1) RX Nut Butter Jar (10oz)
any ONE (1) LUBRIDERM Product, any variety (13 fl. oz. or larger)
any TWO (2) Aspercreme Product (excludes 1ct patches & 1.25 oz creams)

$2.00 Off
when you Buy ANY ONE (1) SlimFast Original 8 pk
on any ONE (1) ZICAM Product (excludes 5ct & 12ct RapidMelts)
any ONE (1) AVEENO Baby Product (excluding trial & travel sizes and gift sets)

$1.75 Off
on any ONE (1) Breathe Right Nasal Strips (8ct. or larger)

$1.50 Off
on ONE (1) carton of Pete and Gerry's Organic Eggs
on TWO (2) 8 oz. or Larger Bottle of PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer

$1.00 Off
on any TWO (2) Kellogg's Special K Cereals
any ONE (1) Finish QUANTUM, Finish Max-in-1, Finish Jet-Dry, or Finish Machine Cleaner
when you buy ONE PACK any variety Yoplait Yogurt Multipack (Includes 8-Pack Fridge Pack, Beverage, Go-GURT 16CT...

$0.75 Off
on any ONE (1) Windex Product
on any ONE (1) Silk Mix-ins Yogurt Alternative
on any ONE (1) Scrubbing Bubbles Bath Cleaning Products

$0.65 Off
any ONE (1) Silk Soymilk half-gallon

$0.55 Off
on any ONE (1) Silk Yogurt Alternative
when you purchase ONE (1) bottle of any Cloralen Bleach 121 FL OZ.

$0.50 Off
on any ONE (1) pack of Energizer Batteries
ONE (1) HORMEL NATURAL CHOICE Lunchmeat product
on any ONE (1) Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Bowl Cleaner Product

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