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The Power of the Heart

  Yoga on Gaia
DOCS - The Power of the Heart   • Watch inspiring yoga videos at Gaia.com

Cosmic Disclosure

CD-HOME - Cosmic Disclosure   • DIS-Disclosure HOME PAGE

Beyond Belief

  Spirit Traveler with Sonja Grace
BB-00-HOME - Beyond Belief   • BB-S06Ep31-Spirit Traveler with Sonja Grace

AM Meditation

  All Yoga Practices
YOGA-Rodney Yee-AM Meditation   • YOGA-Marla Waal-Beginner Yoga Practice

Quantum Astrology

DOCS - Quantum Astrology   • DOCS - Sound Yoga / Nada Yoga

Open Minds

  Psilocybin Mushroom Explorer
OM-00-HOME - Open Minds   • OM-S06Ep11-Psilocybin Mushrooms

Wisdom Teachings

  The Forbidden Knowledge of Ascension
WT-HOME - Wisdom Teachings   • WT-S07Ep02-Ascension Knowledge

The Earth's History

  Earth's Relation to the Cosmos
FOL-S01Ep02-The Earth's History   • FOL-S01Ep05-Earth's Relation to the Cosmos
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