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  Films & Docs
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Seeking Truth

  Watch inspiring yoga videos
Seeking Truth on Gaia.com   • Watch inspiring yoga videos at Gaia.com

Jeanie Manchester's yoga videos
Watch Jeanie Manchester's yoga videos at Gaia.com

Gwen Lawrence's yoga videos
Watch Gwen Lawrence's yoga videos at Gaia.com

The Power of the Heart

  Decoding the Sphinx
DOCS - The Power of the Heart   • AC-Decoding the Sphinx

Cosmic Disclosure

  Inner Earth
CD-HOME - Cosmic Disclosure   • CD-S03Ep01-Inner Earth


  Sacred Science of Ancient Egypt
DIS-Disclosure HOME PAGE   • DISCLR-S01Ep02-Sacred Science of Ancient Egypt

Beyond Belief

  Disclosed Encounters with Paola Harris
BB-00-HOME - Beyond Belief   • BB-S02Ep05-Disclosed Encounters with Paola Harris

AM Meditation

  Here Comes the Sun
YOGA-Rodney Yee-AM Meditation   • YOGA-Marla Waal-Here Comes the Sun

Wisdom Teachings

  Ascension Knowledge
WT-HOME - Wisdom Teachings   • WT-S07Ep02-Ascension Knowledge
Free Episodes The Message for Humankind
FREE EPISODE-Cosmic Disclosure-CD-S01Ep01-The Message for Humankind

We Are One
FREE EPISODE-Cosmic Disclosure-CD-S01Ep05-We Are One

Super Earth
FREE EPISODE-Cosmic Disclosure-CD-S04Ep01-Super Earth

First Encounter
FREE EPISODE-Cosmic Disclosure-CD-S01Ep02-First Encounter
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