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Weekly Deals: Last Minute Hotel Deals, Flights, Vacation and Car rentals!

Spring Sale
Spring for a Getaway: Save 40% or more on hotels!

Flights Under $199

  American Airlines Flights
Flight Deals Under $199!   • American Airlines Flight Deals on Orbitz!

Delta Air Lines Flights

  United Airlines Flights
Delta Air Lines Flight Deals on Orbitz!   • United Airlines Flight Deals on Orbitz!

Local Getaways
Local Getaways: You can get out and explore, and stay close to home with a road trip within 200 miles.

Travel Advisor
Ready to travel? Check advisories for travel during COVID-19, including regulations for destinations, and safety and health guidelines.

Weekend Road Trip Deals
Weekend Road Trips Hotel Deals with Orbitz.com!

Jet and Reset
Jet and Reset | Book a flight and hotel somewhere on the beach

Insider Prices
When you sign up for Insider Prices, you get access to amazing discounts on hotels all around the world

Today's Top Deals

  Car Rental Deals
Orbitz Weekly Deals   • Car deals, save on select rentals

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Hotel Deals Last-Minute Deals
Last-minute hotel deals for those booking in the next 14 days.

Beach Destination Deals

  Luxury Hotel Deals
Save with Beach Hotel Offers!   • Save on Luxury Hotels with Orbitz.com!

Vacation Rentals

  Hotel in Las Vegas
Vacation Home Rentals   • Destination of the Week: Las Vegas

Traveler Faves
hop exclusive vacation deals around the globe for under $500.

All-Inclusive Getaways
All-Inclusive Getaways: Save on select all-inclusive hotels at Orbitz.

Kids Stay or Eat Free
Kids Stay or Eat Free: Kids stay or eat for free at these hotels...itís a family vacation thatís friendly for kids, parents and their wallets!
Vacation Deals Vacation Package
Vacation package deals under $499!

Beach Destination Deals
Beach Destination Deals: Save 10% or more on a beach vacation

Vacation with Freedom and Flexibility
Vacation with freedom and flexibility: Featuring free cancellation hotels near you and VIP Access hotels with free cancellation offers!

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