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Birthday Chocolate from zChocolat.com - Shower a friend, family member, or colleague with sweetness on their special day.

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All-Natural Vegan Selection
All the vegan creations contain no animal or dairy products adherence to French tradition: natural ingredients, no alcohol, no preservatives, high cocoa content, low sugar, and 100% pure cocoa butter.

French Chocolate Assortments
Chocolate Gift Assortments - Each of our fifteen sumptuous chocolate assortments invites you to discover a different corner of the zChocolat universe.

Larger-Than-Life Creations
Larger-Than-Life - Drama, sophistication, and exquisite French chocolate come together in this exceptionally luxurious collection. The only place to find our most daring chocolate creations.

Luxurious Mahogany Gift Boxes
Luxurious Mahogany Gift Boxes - Meticulously handcrafted in woodwork, this opulent collection of mahogany gift boxes exudes the excellence of French savoir-faire.

Personalize Your Favorite Assortments from zChocolat.com! The Personalized assortment gives you the option to handpick favorite chocolates to create your own dream collection.

Precious 24 Karat Edible Gold
In an unrivaled celebration of culinary luxury and epicurean excellence, every piece of chocolate in this collection has been painstakingly hand-coated in exquisite 24-karat edible gold.

The Heavenly Z Chocolate Bar
Try our zBar collection! Shop Now! For A Limited Time Only At www.zchocolat.com! A luxurious reinvention of a traditional favorite.
zChocolat.com VIP Membership
VIP Memberships Our Personal VIP Membership is a bold loyalty program for individuals who love to give fine gifts throughout the year while enjoying substantial savings.

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